Create Your First Bonsai Tree [Checklist]

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You don’t need much to create a bonsai.  If you’re a beginner or a seasoned bonsai pro, there are only a few things you truly need to create a happy and healthy bonsai garden. 

  • ✓ A Starter Bonsai Tree
  • ✓ Well Draining Soil
  • ✓ Trimming Scissors
  • ✓ Root Rake
  • ✓ Concave Cutters
  • ✓ Training Wire
  • ✓ Slow Release Fertilizer 
  • ✓ Humidity Drip Tray
  • ✓ Sun
  • ✓ Water
  • ✓ Patience

That’s it!  This is the complete list of supplies you need to build an amazing bonsai tree.

👇 Look below to get started. 👇