online store 5 Incredibly Beautiful Pine Bonsai Trees [With Photos]
5 Incredibly Beautiful Pine Bonsai Trees [With Photos]

5 Incredibly Beautiful Pine Bonsai Trees [With Photos]

Some of the most famous bonsai tree’s in the history of the world are made from pine trees. 

That’s because the pine tree bonsai is versatile, hearty and can really thrive in a bonsai setting.

If you need proof of this, one of my favorite’s is over 400 years old, and survived the Hiroshima nuclear blast in World War 2!  It’s photo is in the gallery below…

They are frequently chosen as the blank canvas of the worlds foremost bonsai masters, for good reason.  You can craft a classic bonsai tree that will survive for generations, or go off the cuff and make something absolutely weird and wild.

Pine bonsai trees aren’t just great because of how they look… They’re also incredibly easy to create and work with.

The branches take well to wiring, and creating deadwood.

They can be found in most places in the world, so you can grow them almost anywhere in the world.  You can keep them outdoor all year in most climates in the world, and they’ll do just fine.  Just be sure to take care of them like a bonsai needs to be taken care of, and your pine bonsai will be yours for the rest of your life.

They also grow rather fast for a tree (be careful you don’t leave your wire on too long!) so they could be your first tree that has a real look of age to it.

Plus, there are so many varieties of pine trees that you can have a ton of completely unique pine bonsai’s to create just by switching trees.

Japanese black pines (JBP) and Japanese white pines (JWP) are the most popular in bonsai, but you can get by with a red pine, cork pine or any other pine.  Whatever you can get your hands on, you can turn into a beautiful pine tree bonsai like these.


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