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Bonsai Trees, Supplies & Tips For Regular People That Happen To Love Bonsai Trees

When you first saw a bonsai tree, possibly at a stand in the mall or at a sophisticated friend's house, you said to yourself: "Wow, that's amazing.  I need to have one."

So you got one!

Too bad it was dead within a month...

My name's Steve, and this was me.  An average person that saw a bonsai tree and fell in love.  So I bought a few, created even more myself, and killed every single one of them.

My nickname might as well have been "The bonsai serial killer."

I didn't want to stay that way, so I learned.  I bought books, courses, talked to some pros, and still wasn't keeping trees alive until I realized something quite profound:  I'm not a bonsai pro, and I don't intend on being one.

Once I realized this, I was able to narrow down keeping, creating and caring for bonsai trees into a simple system that's worked quite well for me.

My tree's are alive and well, and they are super appreciative of the fact that they're still alive under my care for so long!

I figured there have to be other people like me.  People that love bonsai trees, but don't really want to dedicate their entire lives to learning the craft.

That's when Love My Bonsai was born.

So here we are.  Just a couple of people that love bonsai as a hobby and want to keep some pretty, relaxing, artistic, whatever you call them tree's in and around their homes.

I write about things from time to time on this site, and we even have a community of people dedicated to helping each other out.

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