We strive to make ordering from us as fun and stress-free as possible.

Bonsai is a relaxing hobby, so it should stay that way when you're shopping for them too.

If you're not satisfied with your tree for any reason, contact us and we'll provide you with a replacement, exchange or full refund.

Occasionally there are small variations in the products as these are live trees, which may slightly differ from the photos.  We regularly prune all trees as part of their care, and trees look different in different seasons.


For example, you shouldn't expect a maple tree to have leaves in the winter.

When shipping, we take care to pack our trees and supplies to be as safe and secure as possible while they're in transit.  Sometimes, a box could get dropped or crushed.  If that happens, your tree is probably fine!  A few ruffled leaves, or broken twigs is just fine for the tree, and can actually help it develop a thicker trunk.

Broken pots, or the tree being broken in half, is not good.  While this rarely happens, we'll make sure to replace it if it happens to you.