online store How To Use Bonsai Trees As A Tax Write-Off
How To Use Bonsai Trees As A Tax Write-Off

How To Use Bonsai Trees As A Tax Write-Off

As a business owner, there’s one issue that close to my heart — forming a complicated love / hate relationship.


I have to pay them, and while I appreciate that my taxes help keep the country running, I don’t want to pay more than my due.

So every time I purchase something, in the back of my mind I’m thinking:  “Is that a write-off?”

Thankfully, I have a wonderful accountant that handles all that for me.  But still, I have to categorize my purchases for their review.

And there are two clear-cut categories that a bonsai tree falls into, making it a solid tax write off.


With that said, here are some ways that you can use your bonsai tree as a tax write off this year.

Corporate Gifts

If you have clients that you send gifts to, why not send them something cool for once?

Something alive… growing… and more importantly:  MEMORABLE.

The point of a corporate gift is to show your appreciation for them as a client or a partner.  Not to show off, but to keep you top of mind as someone special in their business.

What helps get that point across more than a piece of living art?

It’s way better than a pen, or USB charger with your logo on it…

And according to the IRS, you can use it as a deduction.

Office Decor

Generally speaking, if you buy something for strict business use in your office - it’s a business expense which would offset some taxes.

You probably do this now with your desk, or chair, pens and other supplies… but decorations count too.

Expensive art hanging on your walls?  Check, that’s a write-off.

That gorgeous indoor bonsai tree you have on the windowsill or under a grow light?  Check, that’s a write-off.

Again - I’m not an accountant, or a tax specialist.  I urge you to consult with one to make sure you can write off a bonsai tree for your specific situation.

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