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The Best Bonsai Trees For Beginners

The Best Bonsai Trees For Beginners

Creating bonsai trees takes some skill.

Not much, but some.

You basically have to know what you’re doing.  (No “winging it.”)

Keeping a bonsai tree alive and happy is a much simpler affair.  Even though people make keeping bonsai trees seem WAY harder than it truly is…

If you’re not trying to do anything crazy, like building a bonsai tree that belongs in a modern art gallery, the art of bonsai is something you can master rather quickly.

In a few short hours, not years training under some rigid master.

NOTE: We have an in-depth video course to show you how to quickly and easily master the art of bonsai, if you need a hand in getting started.

But if you’re still looking for a “simple” tree to care for, something that wouldn’t give a beginner much trouble at all, there are a few trees that make a remarkably simple bonsai tree for the beginner.


The juniper bonsai is probably what you think of when you hear the word “bonsai tree.”

Its most common form is a traditional bonsai shape, recognized far and wide for it’s simplicity and beauty.

Juniper bonsai tree’s are on the easy list for their ability to “set it & forget it” in one spot outdoors for the whole year.

A juniper’s main requirements are:  Water, sun, food, fresh air, and cold winters.

This means, if you live anywhere that drops below 45 degrees for 6 weeks in the winter, which is most of the USA, you can keep a juniper bonsai tree.

Find a cozy spot outdoors that can give it some partial sun (morning is best, but as long as it’s a few hours and not enough to dry it out, it’ll be happy) and leave it there all year.

In the winter, bury the bonsai pot in some mulch to protect it from extreme freezes.

Keep it watered all year, never letting it dry out.

Fertilize it every 4-6 weeks in the growing season with a quality slow release bonsai fertilizer.


You can get this systematized in about 2 weeks, making it one of the most “passive” bonsai trees to keep happy and healthy.

Baby Jade

Baby jade bonsai tree’s are special.

They look… quite unique.  There’s not much like them in the bonsai world, so that alone makes it a treasure.

It’s succulent style leaves, and it’s almost animal looking bark, make it a must-have for your collection.

The ease of care make it possibly the best tree for any beginner.

Like all bonsai trees, a baby jade bonsai will need water, food, and light.

But a jade bonsai can thrive on indoor light conditions all year long.  And if you want to give it a vacation in the summer, it will love that too.

And it stores water in its leaves, so it is more forgiving if you forget to water it on a regular schedule.

For a beginner bonsai, you won’t get a tree more forgiving than the baby jade.

Hawaiian Umbrella

If you’re looking for a beginner bonsai tree that has a more tropical look, look no further than the Hawaiian Umbrella bonsai tree.

It kind of looks like a ficus, or banyan, but it loves the indoors.  And like the baby jade bonsai, a Hawaiian umbrella tree will be happy with a summer vacation outdoors.

But indoors with a window sill or desktop grow light will be just fine.

If it has enough humidity, it will even grow some cool air roots.

It’s forgiving with water, and light, but the same basic rules apply.  Don’t let it dry out, ever.

A quality soil moisture meter can ensure that you never let that happen.


Any maple tree that’s native to where you live will make a nice and simple bonsai tree.

Its care instructions are basically the same as a juniper bonsai, but you get much more color and variety with a maple bonsai.

Trident maple, Japanese maple, water maple, and many more varieties, will give you lush summer foliage, beautiful fall colors, and a low maintenance piece of art to enjoy for a lifetime.

While these specific trees will help make your start in bonsai go smoother than you could possibly imagine, there’s one thing that makes all of this easier than anything else.

Buy Your Bonsai Trees From A Quality Bonsai Tree Store

A grower that knows how to grow a tree.

A store that knows how to ship a bonsai tree.

A bonsai specialist that can show you how to keep your bonsai tree alive & happy.

Someone that does it the right way, not the quick and easy way (IE, the way to make the most money with no regard for the art of bonsai.)

Someone that stands buy their products with a no-risk guarantee.

Someone like us 😃

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