online store The Greatest Juniper Bonsai Trees In The World
The Greatest Juniper Bonsai Trees In The World

The Greatest Juniper Bonsai Trees In The World

When you think of a bonsai tree, you’re most likely thinking of a classic shape on a well-made juniper bonsai tree. 

It’s probably an informal upright, and looks like something Mr. Miyagi is trimming in the tool shed in The Karate Kid.

They’re such a classic bonsai tree, and still the most popular.

Juniper bonsai’s can survive in most climates:  As long as they have a chance to go dormant in the winter, you can likely keep one where you live.  Make sure to keep them outside and you’ll do just fine.

Juniper’s are also relatively easy to style with few tools:  Besides the basics, you can get by with your fingers (using the “finger-pinch” technique) to keep your bonsai tree’s shape.  No real trimming required!

They can be easily trained into cool shapes as well:  They’re no problem to wire up and take well to some pretty harsh training.  You can go nuts with deadwood, or keep it classical - either way, your bonsai tree will take to it no problem.

These bonsai’s are also easy to keep alive if you know what you’re doing.  Give it the right amount of water, food and sunlight and it’ll thrive for several lifetimes.

All in all, they really make a great bonsai tree for beginners, experts and everyone in between.  You’ll see them at every bonsai showcase filled with masterpieces, and they’re one of the first tree’s I recommend to my students to work with first.

They’re simplicity makes them the most common.  They’re so common, if you find a bonsai tree at a mall (a “mall-sai”) — there’s a 90% chance it’s a juniper.

(Side note:  Just because it’s pretty and convenient at a mall kiosk doesn’t mean you can go buy it care-free.  A lot of those stores sell you dead trees without even knowing it…)

When properly styled, they can be picturesque, wild or classical.

One thing’s certain, no matter how they’re styled, they are absolutely stunning.


Do you like looking at beautiful bonsai trees like these?

I’ve created a 20 page photo book full of stunning bonsai trees for you to enjoy day in and day out.    

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