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My Favorite Flowering Bonsai Trees

My Favorite Flowering Bonsai Trees

I’m not sure that there’s anything more remarkable than a flowering bonsai tree in full bloom.

It’s true that my favorite trees aren’t flowering trees, but you can’t deny the glory that is a thick, aged Azalea bonsai in full bloom.

Or, perhaps a flowering cherry.  Or pear.  Or lilac  Or Rhododendron.  Or a beautiful flowering serissa bonsai. Or any of the other flowering tree’s and bushes that someone took the time and effort to turn into a flowering bonsai tree.

They look like your average bonsai tree for 10 or 11 months out of the year, but then they start budding up until… POP!  Tons of flowers covering a bonsai tree.

That’s part of the magic of a flowering bonsai — They’re just a regular bonsai tree for most of the year.  Nothing too special about the bark, or the leaves, or the shape.  Nothing that can’t be done with another tree, at least…

But for a brief moment in time, they explode with color and fragrance.

It’s certainly one of the most rewarding parts of a bonsai hobby, and it’s honestly much easier to create a flowering bonsai tree than most think.

The secret is:  It’s no different from any other tree!

So if you take care of your flowering bonsai like any other, it’ll do just fine.

The one caveat is that flowering plants are usually pretty specific in what kind of climate they need - so stick to the natives (or, anything you can plant in your own yard.)

For me on Long Island in the North Eastern US, the choices are almost endless.  I can happily keep several varieties of cherry bonsai’s, pear bonsai’s, crape myrtle, wisteria, butterfly bush, hydrangea, lilac, azalea, rhododendron, plum, magnolia, honeysuckle, dogwood…. all would work as a bonsai in my neighborhood (though some would definitely look better than others.  Plum tree?  Yeah… I think I’ll have to try that one next.)

As you can see, there is a pretty extensive list of trees for me to bonsai if I choose, and I just may.  I’m sure there are plenty of flowering bonsai tree options where you live as well.

Now, on to the photos:  Here are my 5 favorite flowering bonsai trees of all time.



Do you like looking at beautiful bonsai trees like these?

I’ve created a 20 page photo book full of stunning bonsai trees for you to enjoy day in and day out.    

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