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Unusual Species To Bonsai

Unusual Species To Bonsai

When you’re creating a bonsai tree, one of the first questions to answer is “what.”  That is, what type of tree will you bonsai?

Anything with a thick and old looking trunk, and small leaves would work best.  But, that’s not a hard rule.  You can bonsai any tree or bush.

Yes, I said bush.  Azalea’s, a wonderfully beautiful bonsai, is a bush - not a tree (like an oak.)  Let’s dispel that first myth right off the bat.

Now that we’ve moved on from that pointless debate, let’s talk about some weird plans to turn into a bonsai.


This “medicinal” plant is turning heads as a bonsai.  Let’s ignore the fact that it can be used a drug and focus on the bonsai aspects.  Tons of plans can be used as drugs, and I’m not going to judge how someone may spend their time. 

This is a site about, first and foremost, art.  Let’s keep it that way.

Focusing on the plant, the leaves and trunk resemble a trident maple (which we already know makes for a great bonsai tree.)  The key difference is the sheer density of the leaves.

A few good branches can give you a remarkable canopy in a relatively short amount of time.  Definitely a unique species to bonsai.

If you think it’s pretty, or have other uses in mind, make sure you grow one only in key states where that’s legal.

Cannabis Bonsai Tree

Butterfly Bush

Living in the northeastern United States, the butterfly bush is a common sight.  It grows remarkably fast which makes it a good candidate for air layering.  Plus, the bark can look really old in just a few years.  The leaves aren’t terribly hard to keep small, and it has a lovely bloom for most of the spring and summer that attracts tons of butterflies and bumble bees.

I’ve been experimenting with these for the past few years and I’m loving how it’s turning out.

You should try it 😃

Butterfly Bush Bonsai


Fruiting trees are pretty difficult to maintain outside of their natural habitat.  Bonsai makes it a bit harder, but still possible.

And when it works out, look at the results.  You have a nice, petite bonsai tree with a full-grown apple.  What a sight to behold…

Apple Bonsai Tree

It looks cool, kind of crazy to be more precise, and it’s guaranteed to turn some heads.


Monkey Puzzle Tree

If you’ve never seen a monkey puzzle tree, it’s definitely one of a kind.  Part cactus, part …. cactus, it’s a tree though, right?

This tree is hard to describe.  Let’s let the picture do the talking for us.

Monkey Puzzle Bonsai Tree


It grants us a unique landscape in a bonsai collection.  It can give you a cool cornerstone of a specific theme you’re going for, or a harsh accent piece to break up the rows of pines, junipers and maples.

The key point to remember here is that anything can be turned into a bonsai.  It may not be easy, or pretty, but it can be.  The golden rule is do what you like.

If you want to try it, try it.  If it works out, great!  If not, well, there are thousands of other trees to try next.

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